Jamie from The Unseasoned WokHi!

My name is Jamie and I am the author of the unseasoned wok.  This little space here is my iShoebox of recipes, my memory keeper, my connection to kindred spirits, and my naptime escape from full-time motherhood, which despite my complaining, I happen to love.

I grew up in Hawaii eating food, lots of food, and not at all cooking it.  I’ve since become a wife and a mother, which consequently means I’ve also become a housekeeper, home chef, chauffer, and amateur photographer.

I started this blog after my father-in-law, who is a retired chef and restaurateur, began teaching me his secrets to Cantonese home cooking.  If you know the movie Eat Drink Man Woman, Low Dao is like the adorable father who sneaks dumplings into his granddaughter’s lunchbox, except he’s much livelier, can do a full straddle jump at age 70, and is roughly ten decibels louder.

I enjoy my morning (and sometimes mid-afternoon and evening) cup of coffee, a branch full of lychee and the way the juice squirts out as my kids take their first bites, shaded playgrounds, and lying on a soft chaise with a good ole book with pages.

Thanks for visiting!

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